Friday, May 22, 2009


I adore this space....It feels really lovely too.

I think things are starting to move....

This morning we met up, with two new people on board. A jeweller and a knitwear designer, and it is looking like we will opt for the space with the arched windows. It is ready to go, the rent is reasonable if divided among three or four, and it just feels right!

We met up with someone also who had managed the coffee shop at Castletown House, and for the moment, we are happy to just focus on our workspace, and provide coffee for ourselves and anyone attending our classes or waiting for someone to do a workshop or class. We might call on her expertise at another stage....

So, now we need to make some final decisions, and get going. So exciting!

Watch this space!!!!!


  1. Thats GREAT Mrs...ah Im outta luck so, an knitwear designer (only messin)...cant wait till its up n runnin xx