Friday, May 15, 2009

Frustration time...

I find now that I am stuck in a frustrating place I can't move out of. I'm in limbo!
I can't make contact with the guys doing my website, and I can't get in touch with Orla from our course. She is the link with The Enterprise Board, so I can't get clarity on funding.
Without funding, so little is possible. Lots of people are interested in coming on board, but everything is so vague at this stage that I am going crazy.
I feel the need to move on it now, but without knowing which space to go for, even that is frustrating.
We looked at the Mill again, and considered the bigger room once more. If we were to block up the wall, and remake two rooms, as it was originally, the rent would be €600 less, and we would still have the option of the door onto the garden. This garden space could be another room in itself. We could have tables outside, and various projects ongoing over the warmer months. So many possibilities. We also see the problem of trying to run the cafe while trying to do our own work, so it would have to be run by someone else completely. Or if we were to set it up and pay someone else to run it.......
I am trusting again that it will all fall into place, but I'm itching to get going.


  1. it will all work out in the end. it always does. come to lucy's for some retail therapy, it also helps!

  2. ha Ha, that sounds good.....

  3. It will work out just keep doing your bit, but dont PUSH it ,anything that was rushed never worked out ,I know its frustrating, but just imagine its a river and take time to walk its banks, all of it ,even the frustration is part of the whole process...