Thursday, September 3, 2009

Still on the right road...

This could feel a little frustrating, but strangely it isn't.
I am trusting in this space, that it is the right energy and
that it is for me.

It had looked like there were three of us, and now its two, and I know there
will be another one or two on board.....

In the middle of finalising my business plan, and will submit it for the Oct evaluation....... Here's hoping!

Friday, May 22, 2009


I adore this space....It feels really lovely too.

I think things are starting to move....

This morning we met up, with two new people on board. A jeweller and a knitwear designer, and it is looking like we will opt for the space with the arched windows. It is ready to go, the rent is reasonable if divided among three or four, and it just feels right!

We met up with someone also who had managed the coffee shop at Castletown House, and for the moment, we are happy to just focus on our workspace, and provide coffee for ourselves and anyone attending our classes or waiting for someone to do a workshop or class. We might call on her expertise at another stage....

So, now we need to make some final decisions, and get going. So exciting!

Watch this space!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Animal medicine cards

Last night, as I went to bed, I decided to ask the Medicine cards for some guidance as I feel so frustrated and caught with trusting the process and being proactive.

I chose The Antelope, and the message I got went as follows;

Time to respond. Take action. No Procrastinating.
Decide and do it NOW.

If ever there was a message! I arranged a meeting with Donal Dalton from The Enterprise Board for next week, so watch this space.....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Frustration time...

I find now that I am stuck in a frustrating place I can't move out of. I'm in limbo!
I can't make contact with the guys doing my website, and I can't get in touch with Orla from our course. She is the link with The Enterprise Board, so I can't get clarity on funding.
Without funding, so little is possible. Lots of people are interested in coming on board, but everything is so vague at this stage that I am going crazy.
I feel the need to move on it now, but without knowing which space to go for, even that is frustrating.
We looked at the Mill again, and considered the bigger room once more. If we were to block up the wall, and remake two rooms, as it was originally, the rent would be €600 less, and we would still have the option of the door onto the garden. This garden space could be another room in itself. We could have tables outside, and various projects ongoing over the warmer months. So many possibilities. We also see the problem of trying to run the cafe while trying to do our own work, so it would have to be run by someone else completely. Or if we were to set it up and pay someone else to run it.......
I am trusting again that it will all fall into place, but I'm itching to get going.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weaving my thoughts...

I have been thinking about my loom, it has been in Kilkenny for a number of years, about 18 I think. In Grennan Mill..... And now I have room for it in either of the spaces we will take. I also have a large frame for tapestry weaving that will be perfect for making all sorts of things.

I long to do my own creative work too, and will photograph some of my old work and post it at a later stage. It has been so long since I indulged in my own creativity...... So it will be a real treat when I get the time, the space and the inspiration.

I'm finding the demands of motherhood quite intense, especially when I am pre-occupied with moving in a different direction. There is only so much of washing dishes and cooking and picking up laundry and toys that is deemed healthy for any individual, and I have momentarily reached my limit! I could so easily go on strike.......

Sunday, May 3, 2009

More thoughts....

Today I headed to The Crafty Market, in Newmarket. Its on the first Sunday of the month, and it was launched today. It is near The Coombe Hospital, and is also where the Food Co-Op has moved to .

There was live music, lots of stalls, and lovely veggie food and great coffee.
I was surprised by the kitchen, as I thought the regulations were strict regarding places that sell food, in that they were supposed to be all stainless steel and special surfaces and specific distances from one thing to the next. It gives me hope, seeing the set up today. They served delicious Pizza's, Panninis and a few other things. Yum.

With the Mill venture, we are trying to come up with a name, and decide when we can take it, and which premises we opt for. We are hoping for an employment grant from The Enterprise Board which will help us get started.

The other thing I am thinking, is that if by any chance we can get the bigger space, depending on how many people commit to the venture, is to have someone else to set up the coffee shop, and run it as a separate business. I think there is such scope. I am beginning to see that it would be very difficult to run a studio with classes, and do our own work and at the same time run a coffee shop.

We meet with Bertha from KELT on Tuesday morning to see what funding is available. Can't wait......

Friday, May 1, 2009

My dream last night

I seemed to have so many vivid dreams last night, but early this morning I had one that stays clearly in my mind.

I was in my pyjamas, beside a car that was mine and a guy came over and asked me if I had any ink. I checked the boot of my car, and I had all my art materials. Delighted, I went to get him the ink, but the car started moving. I ran after it and tried to access the hand brake from the passenger side. The car eventually slowed down, but it didn't stop. It came to a T Junction, and careered to the right. There was lots of traffic and the car nearly crashed. Next thing, I the car was going in a different direction, and I was signalling to the drivers of the other vehicles.

And then I woke up!

What I gather from this dream, is to do with my creativity being the driving force in my life and taking on a life and path of its own........ And I can slow it down, but I can't steer it or stop it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From The outside in the evening time.

Tonight I took a walk down to the Mill to see
the smaller space from the outside. This space
is nearly ready to go, as it is being painted at
the moment and needs so little work. It will
accomodate four or five of us working, and we
can run one or two workshops at the same time
so we would really need a rota system of when
we need to work or run classes to operate
efficiently. There is still scope for a coffee
area, but it will be within the space as
opposed to a different room.
It is amazing to stand outside and watch
the River Liffey flow under the building,
and it is visible from both sides. It is
also incredible that the flow is so different
on each side too. The Mill is a hive of
activity, day and night. There is so much
happening here, from creches to Pilates,
a gym to a Parent and Toddler Group.
There is Drama, Weight Watchers,
Fas, Ballet, Yoga, Karate, Hip-Hop,
Salsa Dance, Indoor Soccer, Tai Chi,
in fact the list of activities keeps going. There
are also lots of premises being rented out
for other small businesses.

This space is so beautiful too, and if the weird
partition was removed inside, the space could
be again, so different. I wish there was a before
and after series of photos, so we could see how
the room looked when opened up as one.
When I see it painted white, it seems to evoke
memories of The College of Art, where I spent
4 years studying Textile Design. Lovely white
backgrounds to inspire colour and new ideas.

And the view from the foot-bridge.
The smaller room is barely visible
to the left of the tree, with the water
flowing underneath.
I guess the space is so affordable for
us starting out, and we could always
move if things get busy and we feel
we have tested the market enough
to trust higher rents and more rates...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More of the bigger space

I would so love to see this room cleared
out and painted snow white like the other
space we viewed this morning.
I have a vision of a mosaic on this wall
and three huge triangular sails on it
with our name and what we are about.

The space is from the second left window
across to the one right of the people.

Through the Magic Door..
And the door.


This is the smaller space, but it is so full of
character. It is divided in two, in a strange
way, but we could remove it if we wanted.
There is a bizaar little space here with a door
and the window above. It is shelved, and again we
could take down the entire partition........................

I adore these windows. The river Liffey runs
under the building, and the view is to the car
park from this side.

Here, is the main room we would probably use
as our studios, or the coffee area. It is hard to
imagine with the partition in place. One side
has cement floors and the other is wooden.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Beginning

This is where I envisage the project to be.
Its in The Mill in Celbridge, Co. Kildare.
As far as I know, it was originally a Carpet
Mill, but I need to clarify some details
before I post any more!
The plan so far is for a shared workshop space,
and each person having their own area to work in
and an area to hold classes and summercamps
and demonstration days.
We can have a gallery, an exhibition area,
a shop and a cafe. We hope to offer fair trade coffee
to parents waiting to collect their children
from classes, and the chance to sit in the cafe
and observe what is going on, without
intruding. We hope to call on our friend's and
families wonderful baking skills to tempt
everyone from time to time. Coffee and
tea will be served in caffeteirs and large
tea-pots (made by our Potter!), none of this
expensive one cup business........
We'd love to open the place up to groups
for rent, for yoga, bookclubs, knitting clubs,
tai-chi, or anyone interested in taking
advantage of the location in the town,
the free parking, the buzz of other things happening
all around the Mill. We could have big bowls of
Chick-Pea, sweet potato and spinach
stew, served with home-made crusty
bread, I have a baker in mind for that bread..
Bring your own wine, we supply the music, the
incense and the creative atmosphere.
Creativity is a huge part of this, everyone can
try their hand at pottery, sewing, singing,
painting, drawing, puppet-making, jewellery,
photography, in fact a range of crafts to long
to list, yet something to appeal to everyone.
Welcome to this space, please feel free to add
ideas and comments, and please check back
often. I hope you will be as inspired as we are,
and that you will see it happen, and lots of images
to mark its progress. Thanks, Annah