Thursday, September 3, 2009

Still on the right road...

This could feel a little frustrating, but strangely it isn't.
I am trusting in this space, that it is the right energy and
that it is for me.

It had looked like there were three of us, and now its two, and I know there
will be another one or two on board.....

In the middle of finalising my business plan, and will submit it for the Oct evaluation....... Here's hoping!


  1. Good Luck with the B.Plan...fingers crossed for ya xx

  2. looks like a great plan. With community in mind you cant go wrong. There is and always will be more room for making our neighborhoods more liveable, more fun, more lively, more better for everyone. It might help to define the primary neighborhood you want to serve - between which streets. Go door to door with a survey and find out more about what those people your core community wants- and that might help mold the parameters of your vision. Others outside of that neighborhood can and will be customers but they will be a secondary category.

  3. so cool you have a space to do your art within the structure of a small community...I always longed for this when I was younger...before I had kids...I started out as a textile geek (self proclaimed) Good for you Annah! Knit, weave, print, fuse, sew...create your world from the fibers of your dreams!