Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From The outside in the evening time.

Tonight I took a walk down to the Mill to see
the smaller space from the outside. This space
is nearly ready to go, as it is being painted at
the moment and needs so little work. It will
accomodate four or five of us working, and we
can run one or two workshops at the same time
so we would really need a rota system of when
we need to work or run classes to operate
efficiently. There is still scope for a coffee
area, but it will be within the space as
opposed to a different room.
It is amazing to stand outside and watch
the River Liffey flow under the building,
and it is visible from both sides. It is
also incredible that the flow is so different
on each side too. The Mill is a hive of
activity, day and night. There is so much
happening here, from creches to Pilates,
a gym to a Parent and Toddler Group.
There is Drama, Weight Watchers,
Fas, Ballet, Yoga, Karate, Hip-Hop,
Salsa Dance, Indoor Soccer, Tai Chi,
in fact the list of activities keeps going. There
are also lots of premises being rented out
for other small businesses.

This space is so beautiful too, and if the weird
partition was removed inside, the space could
be again, so different. I wish there was a before
and after series of photos, so we could see how
the room looked when opened up as one.
When I see it painted white, it seems to evoke
memories of The College of Art, where I spent
4 years studying Textile Design. Lovely white
backgrounds to inspire colour and new ideas.

And the view from the foot-bridge.
The smaller room is barely visible
to the left of the tree, with the water
flowing underneath.
I guess the space is so affordable for
us starting out, and we could always
move if things get busy and we feel
we have tested the market enough
to trust higher rents and more rates...

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  1. Start here...its a great spot...and word of mouth will soon spread !